5dtorgb-batch v1.5b

5dtorgb-batch is a python script that provides real batch processing with the 1.2.2 release of Rarevision 5DtoRGB. It finds your .MOV file, launch the number of instances you want and wait for them to finish before starting encoding the next file, move transcoded files to an output directory and append a suffix if needed. It also supports output format, dMatrix & gamma flagging.

Version history

1.5b 9th Aug 2011 Supports framerate & Technicolor CineStyle decoding matrix.
1.4 30th Mar 2011 Supports dMatrix, gamma flagging, new cleaner presentation and file overwriting protection.
1.3 (internal only) Allow drag & drop of folder for input & output path (thanks Robert).
1.2 29th Dec 2010 Fix bug when choosing default output path (thanks Jason).
1.1 1st Dec 2010 Asks for an output directory where the transcoded files will be moved and for a suffix to append to the transcoded filenames.
1.0 24th Nov 2010 Initial release.

How to use it

  1. You first need Rarevision 5DtoRGB version 1.5.1b
  2. Download the latest 5dtorgb-batch
  3. Unzip it wherever you'd like
  4. Run it (double-click on it)
  5. A Terminal window opens and 5dtorgb-batch asks you a few questions :
    • The input path where your .MOV files are stored. By default, 5dtorgb-batch uses its own directory. You can drag & drop a folder over the script!
    • The output path where your transcoded files should be moved. By default, it uses the input directory. You can drag & drop a folder over the script too!
    • The desired output format
    • The decoding matrix to use
    • The gamma flagging to use
    • The suffix to append to transcoded filenames
    • The number of concurent instances you'd like
  6. The processing starts
  7. As soon as a process finishes, 5dtorgb-batch starts another until there is no file left to process
  8. You are happy!

Made by RĂ©mi SELLO for Noside (video production company in France)
Feedback at remi.sello\at\gmail.com